Feb 092015

Things to consider when reading the bible;

  • Is there a command to obey?
  • Is there an example to follow?
  • Is there a promise to claim?
  • Is there a sin to avoid?
  • Is there a principle to follow?


Exodus 33

Exodus 34

Exodus 35

Thoughts to consider

  • On more than one occasion now the Israelites have been referred to as being ‘stiff necked’ this actually means stubborn and you can see why! How stubborn are you? Do you allow God to guide and lead you or do you think you know what is best and stubbornly go your own way?
  • Exodus 33v11 really stirs me. We have that opportunity and honour to speak with the Lord face to face. We can do this because we have received the righteousness of Christ. My friend, take every opportunity to meet with your maker, to commune with Him, to tell Him your hopes and fears, to pray for your loved ones. His door is always open and He will always accept you. What a God!
  • What an amazing passage. God is still so annoyed with the people, they are still blatantly wearing their ornaments made from the golden calf, but they quickly put them away and repent in fear. Then Moses prays another magnificent prayer of intercession, reminding God about what He promised and reminding Him about the honour of God’s name and reputation. Let your prayer to God today be the same as Moses “Please show me your glory”
  • Exodus 34 is called the Mosaic covenant and it includes the 10 commandments. Think about the fact that despite our folly and disobedience, God is such an amazing God that He still wants to bless us. Read verses 6 & 7 again of this chapter and let worship rise to God as you meditate on His goodness.
  • It’s interesting that God didn’t demand that everyone give to Him, only those whose hearts were stirred. God is a generous God and He loves generosity. Let’s be like Him and give to His work. Let’s be bold and ask Him to make us generous.
  • Be generous with your gifts too. You have been gifted so that you can help build your local church. Commit your gifts to Him now and ask Him that you can use them for His kingdom.

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