Jan 092015

Things to consider when reading the bible;

  • Is there a command to obey?
  • Is there an example to follow?
  • Is there a promise to claim?
  • Is there a sin to avoid?
  • Is there a principle to follow?


Job 24

Job 25

Job 26

Job 27

Job 28

Thoughts to consider

  • We can get so impatient with unfairness as Job does here. He’s annoyed that evil seems to carry on unchallenged. Are you the same? Know that God is in control and He will deal with things in His own time and His own way.
  • Bildad thinks that we are like maggots and worms. What’s your response to that? My response to Bildad would be “Would God become a man and die to redeem maggots and worms?” Of course he didn’t know that then, but don’t you think he’s being rather presumptuous to imagine that he knows everything about God?
  • You’ve got to admire Job’s tenacity haven’t you? His three friends have repeatedly come against him and yet he is still standing firm in what he believes. Do you have that same tenacity when people laugh at or criticize you for what you believe?
  • Job 28 is a poem about the value and rarity of wisdom and understanding. It only comes from God. But we know that God will freely give us wisdom if we ask for it (read James 1 v 5) How is your wisdom? Does it need topping up? Ask God for it now so you will do what is right.
  • Job 28v28 is a verse well worth thinking about and memorising. What does it mean that “the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom and to turn away from evil is understanding?”

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