Jan 082015

Things to consider when reading the bible;

  • Is there a command to obey?
  • Is there an example to follow?
  • Is there a promise to claim?
  • Is there a sin to avoid?
  • Is there a principle to follow?


Job 21

Job 22

Job 23

Thoughts to consider

  • Chapter 21 and Job fights back. He has a very good point to be honest. His ‘friends’ have been presuming to speak for God, telling job that his punishment must be because he has sinned. Job rightly argues that actually an awful lot of very sinful people seem to live quite happy prosperous lives. He clearly exposes the flaw in their arguments.
  • Again, be very wary of people presuming to speak for God. Make sure you are well grounded in the scriptures. Also ask God for wisdom and to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily. Both of these wonderful gifts are freely available if we would only ask!
  • I can just imagine Eliphaz with his fingers in his ears saying “La la la, I’m not listening” He is one of those annoying people in an argument who refuses to listen and just repeats the same old mantra over and over again. If they were living in today’s society I would think that Job would have a very good case to sue Eliphaz for defamation of character. Eliphaz says some outrageous things in Chapter 22 v 5-11. I’d be very surprised if anything he says is true, especially as God has declared Job a righteous man (Of course Eliphaz didn’t hear that bit)
  • For 23 chapters now, God has remained silent to Job and it seems that Job now in chapter 23 is desperate to hear from God. How do you cope when God appears silent? What can you learn from these passages? Do you desire to hear from God more than anything else? Do you think you are ready to receive what He says?

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  1. Adrian, without your thoughts to consider I would have been lost throughout. Thank you (still been had though

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